• General
    • Description: Package for continuing solution manifolds of nonlinear syst
      ems of equations.
    • Project type: production
    • Contributor: Michael Henderson, IBM Research
    • Contact Date: I (A Waechter) contacted him 03/09/06 for this reapproval of his project that has been in COIN since before COIN became foundation
    • Project Manager to be: same as contributor
    • Handler: Andreas Waechter, IBM Research
    • Status: ..... (what's next)
    • Sent instructions: 03/09/06
  • Legal
    • Received CSRO: 03/10/06
    • Received DOO: 03/10/06
    • OSI-approved license: CPL
    • PM indicated knowledge of how to accept contributions: 03/10/06
  • Code
    • Authors/Install/Readme/Copying: have only README so far. will ask to add the other ones (03/27/06)
    • Code imported: ..... (date)
    • Built code: tried to build on Linux - symbol "flush" missing when trying to link, also installation instructions don't describe dependencies in detail and is inconsistent.
    • Test: ..... (has one? passed? date)
  • Accepted? ..... (date)
  • Maintenance
  • Email to admin at with questions about how to give access, set up mailing list, etc.
    • PM added/subscribed to PM mailing list ..... (date)
    • Repository access: ..... (status? public/non-public? date)
    • Mailing list setup: ..... (date)
    • Trac setup: ..... (date)
    • Webpage posted on? ..... (date)
    • PM offered full membership? ..... (date)
      (Email with the request to extend the offer. This is forwarded to the Chair of Membership committee who will make the offer and does all necessary webpage updates.)
    • Announced on coin-announce/coin-discuss? ..... (date)
      (This should be the last item, except perhaps the full membership.)