COIN-OR and Open-Source Events
CORS-INFORMS Banff 2004 Meeting

Presentations, workshops, and user-group meetings on open source software at the Banff 2004 CORS-INFORMS meeting. To facilitate session hopping, all talks in a session are listed. The non-open-source talks in listed in grey.

The COIN-OR User Group Meeting will be held Sunday, May 16 in Max Bell 253 from 1-2 PM. The meeting announcement will (hopefully) appear in the official program.

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BANFF 2004 Pre-Conference Workshops
 (May 16, 2004, 8:00 - 11:30)

There is no charge for these workshop if you register for the CORS/INFORMS Joint International Meeting.   Sign up when you register for the meeting.  If you already registered for the meeting and want to add one of the workshops, call Lynn Murray, 800-343-0062, x200.

Exact times and locations will be announced in early May.

COIN-OR: Software Tools for Optimization

Organizer: Ted Ralphs, Lehigh University, Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering,

J.P. Fasano, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Dept of Mathematical
Lou Hafer, School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University,
Alan King, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Dept of Mathematical Sciences,
Matthew Saltzman, Clemson University, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences,
Steven Henderson, US Military Academy,

Abstract: The Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research (COIN-OR) repository contains a number of open-source software tools for solving optimization problems. These include full-featured codes for linear, nonlinear, and integer programming, as well as component libraries that can be combined in various ways to build custom solvers. In this workshop, we will first provide a brief overview of COIN-OR and then step through several detailed examples that demonstrate how components of the library can be integrated to produce powerful optimization applications. The main focus of the workshop will be on tools for linear and integer programming, including the COIN LP Solver, the Open Solver Interface, the Cut Generation Library, and the Branch, Cut, and Price Software. We will also cover the Stochastic Modeling Interface, a tool for modeling stochastic programming problems.

COIN-OR Users Group Meeting: Sunday, May 16, 2004, 1-2 PM

Coordinator: Matthew Saltzman, Clemson University,
Location: Max Bell 253.
Agenda: Report on progress, INFORMS hosting status, and Open Q & A time. If you would like to talk or propose a discussion item, send a post to the coin-discuss mailing list available at