COIN-OR and Open-Source Events
Atlanta Chapter INFORMS

February Meeting: Thursday Feburary 2, 2006 at 5:30pm in the GaTech ISyE Executive Classroom

Title: COIN-OR: Open-Source Software for Operations Research

Speaker: Matthew Saltzman, Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University and President, the COIN-OR Foundation, Inc.

Abstract: The COIN-OR initiative (the Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research) supports the creation and dissemination of open-source software for operations research. In this presentation, I will discuss the concept of open source software and the benefits of open source for the computational O.R. community. I will also describe the COIN-OR project itself, the role of the COIN-OR Foundation, the various components currently distributed by COIN-OR, and how users and developers can make use of and contribute to the initiative.