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Documentation for COIN-OR comes in a variety of formats:

  • FAQs on this site
  • Several projects make use of Doxygen, which is a method of embedding documentation in source code, especially for C++. The information is extracted to form web pages. This is usually most useful as a reference.
  • Some projects have manuals or tutorials, usually available in PDF or PS format.
  • Developers have made presentations at a number of conferences. Often these presentations are a good introduction to the project.
  • Developers have also published articles on some projects.
  • Examples are available for some projects.
  • Some projects maintain their own web pages, in which case this page links to that page.


  • General COIN-OR
  • ALPS: Abstract Library for Parallel Search
  • BCP: Branch-Cut-Price
  • CBC: COIN-OR Branch and Cut
  • CGL: Cut Generator Library
  • CLP: COIN-OR LP, a simplex solver
  • CoinUtils: COIN-OR utilities library
  • CppAD: An algorithmic differentiation tool for C++ functions.
  • DFO: Derivative-Free Optimization, a package for solving general nonlinear optimization problems when derivatives are unavailable
  • dylp: Dynamic LP
  • IPOPT: Interior Point OPTimizer for general large-scale nonlinear optimization
  • Multifario: a continuation method for computing implicitly defined manifolds
  • NLPAPI: Nonlinear Programming API, a subroutine interface for defining and solving nonlinear programming problems
  • OSI: Open Solver Interface
  • OTS: Open Tabu Search
  • SMI: Stochastic Modeling Interface, for optimization under uncertainty
  • SYMPHONY: A callable library for solving mixed-integer linear programs
  • VOL: Volume Algorithm

COIN-OR General Information





  • COIN-OR Tutorials page at the Lehigh Industrial and Systems Engineering Department. Current examples focus on BCP and OSI.
  • COIN-OR Introduction page from Francois Margot at CMU. Current materials focus on BCP, CBC, CLP, and IPOPT.

The Doxygen class descriptions of the modules are available as tarballs as well.