COIN-OR Cup 2015 Winners:

Iain Dunning, Joey Huchette, and Miles Lubin

The winners of the 2015 COIN-OR Cup are Iain Dunning, Joey Huchette and Miles Lubin, developers of JuMP. JuMP is an open-source optimization modeling language for the emerging Julia programming language, and allows users to express a wide range of continuous and mixed optimization problems in a high-level, algebraic syntax. JuMP is one of the few open-source modeling languages to implement automatic differentiation. Via a set of convenient interface, JuMP makes it easy for users to call COIN-OR solvers such as Clp, Cbc, and Ipopt, as well as other open-source solvers.

The committee found that JuMP simplifies the development of optimization models and software by eliminating the need for commercial modeling environments and by providing state-of-the-art reverse-mode automatic differentiation.