Jonathan Eckstein, Bill Hart, and Cindy Phillips

This team of researchers from Sandia National Labs and Rutgers University has contributed to COIN-OR in a variety of ways since early in the project's history, including the following:

  • Incorporation of COIN-OR tools, including CoinUtils, OSI, CGL, and CLP in the open-source PICO and PEBBL solvers.
  • Extensive quality assurance testing of COIN-OR components on a variety of computational platforms.
  • Contributions of patches, bug fixes, and suggestions for OSI, CoinUtils, and other components of the COIN-OR library that have improved its quality and usability.

The Sandia and Rutgers team has long supported the goals of open source and the COIN-OR project, and their support has substantially advanced COIN-OR's goal of spreading the use of open-source computational tools in operations research.

It is with great pleasure that we award the COIN-OR INFORMS 2006 Cup to Jonathan Eckstein, Bill Hart, and Cindy Phillips.