Unix-like Environments

If you are planning to use the interactive optimizer in a Unix-like environment and you are building SYMPHONY from source, it is recommended that you run the configuration script (see Section with the command-line argument that enables GNU packages, i.e.,

 ./configure --enable-gnu-packages
This will allow the interactive shell to behave exactly like a Linux terminal command line, i.e., it will keep the history of the used commands, will do command completion, etc. Note that you must have the required packages ( readline and history) installed.

To use SYMPHONY's interactive shell, run the executable without any command line arguments, i.e., type

You will enter a command shell environment where you will be prompted for inputs. The user interface consists of a main menu, where an instance is read in and solved, a set menu, where parameters are set, and a display menu, where results, statistics and parameter values are displayed.

Ted Ralphs