Draw Graph parameters

source_path - string (``.'').
[p]Draw Graph Parameters!source_path The directory where the DG tcl/tk scripts reside.

echo_commands - boolean (FALSE).
[p]Draw Graph Parameters!echo_commands Whether to echo the tcl/tk commands on the screen or not.

canvas_width, canvas_height - integers (1000, 700).
[p]Draw Graph Parameters!canvas_width [p]Draw Graph Parameters!canvas_height The default width and height of the drawing canvas in pixels.

viewable_width, viewable_height - integers (600, 400).
[p]Draw Graph Parameters!viewable_width [p]Draw Graph Parameters!viewable_height The default viewable width and height of the drawing canvas in pixels.

interactive_mode - integer (TRUE).
[p]Draw Graph Parameters!interactive_mode Whether it is allowable to change things interactively on the canvas or not.

node_radius - integer (8).
[p]Draw Graph Parameters!node_radius The default radius of a displayed graph node.

disp_nodelabels, disp_nodeweights, disp_edgeweights - integers (all TRUE).
[p]Draw Graph Parameters!disp_nodelabels [p]Draw Graph Parameters!disp_nodeweights [p]Draw Graph Parameters!disp_edgeweights Whether to display node labels, node weights, and edge weights or not.

nodelabel_font, nodeweight_font, edgeweight_font - strings (all ``-adobe-helvetica-...'').
[p]Draw Graph Parameters!nodelabel_font [p]Draw Graph Parameters!nodeweight_font [p]Draw Graph Parameters!edgeweight_font The default character font for displaying node labels, node weights and edge weights.

node_dash, edge_dash - strings (both empty string).
[p]Draw Graph Parameters!node_dash [p]Draw Graph Parameters!edge_dash The dash pattern of the circles drawn around dashed nodes and that of dashed edges.

Ted Ralphs