Global parameters

verbosity - integer (0).
[p]Global Parameters!verbosity Sets the verbosity of all modules to the given value. In general, the greater this number the more verbose each module is. Experiment to find out what this means.

random_seed - integer (17).
[p]Global Parameters!random_seed A random seed.

granularity - double (1e-6).
[p]Global Parameters!granularity Should be set to ``the minimum difference between two distinct objective function values'' less the epsilon tolerance. E.g., if every variable is integral and the objective coefficients are integral then for any feasible solution the objective value is integer, so granularity could be correctly set to .99999.

upper_bound - double (none)
. [p]Global Parameters!upper_bound The value of the best known upper bound.

probname - string (empty string).
[p]Global Parameters!probname The name of the problem name.

infile_name - string (empty string).
[p]Global Parameters!infile_name The name of the input file that was read by ``-F'' or the ``-L'' flag.

Ted Ralphs