Building SYMPHONY Applications

There are a number of sample applications available as examples of how to do customized development with SYMPHONY. These include customized solvers for the matching problem, the set partitioning problem (simple and advanced versions), the vehicle routing and traveling salesman problems, the mixed postman problem, the multi-criteria knapsack problem, and the capacitated network routing problem. These applications are contained in the SYMPHONY/Applications/ subdirectory in the distribution. There is also a white paper that guides the user through the development of the MATCH solver in the SYMPHONY/Doc/ directory. For detailed instructions on developing your own application with SYMPHONY, see Chapter 5.

In order to compile SYMPHONY's applications in Unix-like environments, you must first compile a version of the callable library with hooks for the callback functions.

 ./configure --with-application
 make install
This will create the application library called libSymAppl to be used while building custom applications. Note that that the generic sequential library and executable will also be made and installed.

After building the library, go to one of the application subdirectories in the SYMPHONY/Applications/ directory and type make there to build the corresponding application. For more information, including the parallel configuration instructions, see the INSTALL file of the corresponding application.

Ted Ralphs