int user_receive_cg_data (void **user)


This function only has to be filled out for parallel execution and only if the TM, LP, and CG modules are all compiled as separate modules. This would not be typical. If needed, the user can use this function to receive problem-specific data needed for computation in the CG module. The same data must be received here that was sent in the user_send_cg_data() function in the master module. The user has to allocate space for all the data structures, including user itself. Note that some or all of this may be done in the function user_send_cg_data() if the Tree Manager, LP, and CG are all compiled together. See that function for more information.


void **user INOUT Pointer to the user-defined data structure.

Return values:

USER_ERROR Error. CG exits.
USER_SUCCESS The user received the data properly.
USER_DEFAULT User did not send any data.

Invoked from:
cg_initialize() at process start.

Ted Ralphs