int user_receive_lp_data (void **user)


This function only has to be filled out for parallel execution and only if either the TM or LP modules are configured as separate processes. Otherwise, data will have been copied into appropriate locations in the master function user_send_lp_data(). The two cases can be handled by means of #ifdef statements. See comments in the source code stubs for more details.

Here, the user must receive all problem-specific information sent from the master, set up necessary data structures, etc. Note that the data must be received in exactly the same order as it was sent in user_send_lp_data(). See Section 5.5.1 for more notes on receiving data.


void **user OUT Pointer to the user-defined LP data structure.

Return values:

USER_ERROR Error. SYMPHONY aborts this LP module.
USER_SUCCESS User received the data successfully.
USER_DEFAULT User did not send any data.

Wrapper invoked from:
lp_initialize() at process start.

Ted Ralphs