int user_send_feas_sol(void *user, int *feas_sol_size, int **feas_sol)


This function is useful for debugging purposes. It passes a known feasible solution to the tree manager. The tree manager then tracks which current subproblem admits this feasible solution and notifies the user when it gets pruned. It is useful for finding out why a known optimal solution never gets discovered. Usually, this is due to either an invalid cut of an invalid branching. Note that this feature only works when branching on binary variables. See Section 5.6.3 for more on how to use this feature.


void *user IN Pointer to the user-defined data structure.
int *feas_sol_size INOUT Pointer to size of the feasible solution passed by the user.
int **feas_sol INOUT Pointer to the array of user indices containing the feasible solution. This array is simply copied by the tree manager and must be freed by the user.

Return values:

USER_ERROR Solution tracing is not enabled.
USER_SUCCESS Tracing of the given solution is enabled.
USER_DEFAULT No feasible solution given.

Ted Ralphs