int sym_get_ub_for_new_rhs(sym_environment *env, int cnt, int *new_rhs_ind, 
                           double *new_rhs_val, double *ub_for_new_rhs)


This routine is used for a basic sensitivity analysis of the right hand side case. It returns a quick upper bound for the problem with a modified right hand side using the information gathered from the branching tree of the original solved problem. Note that, in order to use this feature, the sensitivity_analysis parameter needs to be set before solving the original problem.


sym_environment *env IN Pointer to the SYMPHONY environment.
int cnt IN The number of the non zero elements in the new right hand side vector.
int *new_rhs_ind IN Array of the column indices of these non zero elements.
double *new_rhs_val IN Array of the values of these non zero elements.
double *ub_for_new_rhs OUT Pointer to a double indicating the lower bound obtained for the new problem. This value will be set to SYM_INFINITY if an upper bound can not be found.

Return values:

FUNCTION_TERMINATED_NORMALLY Function invoked successfully.
FUNCTION_TERMINATED_ABNORMALLY Function invoked unsuccessfully.

Ted Ralphs