int sym_load_problem(sym_environment *env)


This routine loads the description of the problem given in MPS or GMPL/AMPL format or in a file read by a custom file parser implemented in the user_io() callback. If the problem is to be loaded from an MPS or a GMPL/AMPL file whose location is specified on the command line, then the sym_parse_command_line() function has to be invoked beforehand. This function also invokes the user callback user_initialize_root_node(). Note that if the user wishes to load the problem manually without implementing a callback or using one of SYMPHONY's built-in parsers (as is typically done in other callable libraries), then the sym_explicit_load_problem() routine should be used.


sym_environment *env INOUT Pointer to the SYMPHONY environment.

Return values:

ERROR__USER Error. User error detected in one of
  user_io() and user_init_draw()
ERROR__READING_GMPL_FILE Error detected in the given GMPL/AMPL
FUNCTION_TERMINATED_ABNORMALLY Function invoked unsuccessfully.
FUNCTION_TERMINATED_NORMALLY Function invoked successfully.

Ted Ralphs