Run-time Parameters

Parameters can be set in one of two ways. Some commonly-used parameters can be set on the command line. To see a list of these, run SYMPHONY with no command-line arguments. Other parameters must be set in a parameter file. The name of this file is specified on the command line with ``-f''. Each line of the parameter file contains either a comment or two words - a keyword and a value, separated by white space. If the first word (sequence of non-white-space characters) on a line is not a keyword, then the line is considered a comment line. Otherwise the parameter corresponding to the keyword is set to the listed value. Usually the keyword is the same as the parameter name in the source code. Here we list the keywords, the type of value that should be given with the keywords and the default value. A parameter corresponding to keyword ``K'' in module ``P'' can also be set by using the keyword ``P_K''.

To make this list shorter, occasionally a comma separated list of parameters is given if the meanings of those parameters are strongly connected. For clarity, the constant name is sometimes given instead of the numerical value for default settings and options. The corresponding value is given in curly braces for convenience.

Ted Ralphs