Building From Source

SYMPHONY can now use the COIN-OR build system and the GNU autotools to automate the build process. The build process should therefore be identical in all Unix-like environments. It is even possible to use this system to build COIN in Windows using the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler if you have MinGW ( installed (you need the GNU make command). The instructions below will lead you through the steps required to compile SYMPHONY as a generic MILP solver. This process will create (1) a generic callable library that allows SYMPHONY to be called from a C or C++ code and (2) an executable that can be used as a stand-alone application to solve MILPs written in either MPS or GMPL file format. SYMPHONY can be further customized by implementing one of more than 50 callback functions that change SYMPHONY's default behavior. For information on customizing SYMPHONY using callbacks, a quick start guide is provided below. More detailed information is provided in Chapter 5.


Ted Ralphs