int sym_warm_solve(sym_environment *env)


This routine re-solves the corresponding problem after some of the parameters have been changed or problem data has been modified from a warm start. If the user plans to invoke this routine, the keep_warm_start parameter must be set to TRUE before the initial call to the sym_solve() routine, so that SYMPHONY will collect the necessary warm starting information during the solve procedure.


sym_environment *env INOUT Pointer to the SYMPHONY environment.

Return values:

ERROR__USER Error. User error detected in one of
  user_display_solution and
  user_process_own_messages functions.
TM_OPTIMAL_SOLUTION_FOUND Tree Manager (TM) found the optimal solution and stopped.
TM_TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED TM stopped after reaching the predefined time limit.
TM_NODE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED TM stopped after reaching the predefined node limit.
TM_TARGET_GAP_ACHIEVED TM stopped after achieving the predefined target gap.
TM_FOUND_FIRST_FEASIBLE TM stopped after finding the first feasible solution.
TM_ERROR__NO_BRANCHING_CANDIDATE Error. TM stopped. User didn't select branching candidate in user_select_candidates callback
TM_ERROR__ILLEGAL_RETURN_CODE Error. TM stopped after getting a non-valid return code.
TM_ERROR__NUMERICAL_INSTABILITY Error. TM stopped due to some numerical difficulties.
TM_ERROR__COMM_ERROR Error. TM stopped due to communication error.
TM_ERROR__USER Error. TM stopped. User error detected in one of user callbacks called during TM processes.
FUNCTION_TERMINATED_ABNORMALLY Function invoked unsuccessfully.

Ted Ralphs