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How to Use This Manual

The manual is divided into five chapters. The first is the introduction, which you are reading now. Chapter 2 contains background information. Those not familiar with the basic methodology of branch, cut, and price should read these sections, especially Section 2.3, where we briefly describe the techniques involved. Chapter 3 contains further depth and a more complete description of the design and implementation of SYMPHONY. In Section 3.1, we describe the overall design of without reference to the implementational details and with only passing reference to parallelism. In Section 3.2, we discuss the details of the implementation. In Section 3.3, we briefly discuss issues involved in parallel execution of SYMPHONY. It is not necessary to read Chapters 2 and 3 before undertaking development of a SYMPHONY application. Chapter 4 describes in detail how to develop an application using SYMPHONY. For those who are familiar with branch and cut and want to get started quickly, proceed directly to to Section 4.1 for information on getting started. Chapter 5 contains reference material. Section 5.1 contains a description of the API, while SYMPHONY's parameters are described in Section 5.2. Please note that for reference use, the HTML version of this manual may be more practical, as the embedded hyperlinks make it easier to navigate.

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Ted Ralphs