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Another of the internally defined data structures that the user has to deal with frequently is the cut_data data structure, used to store the packed form of cuts. This structure has 8 fields listed below.

int size -
The size of the coef array.
char *coef -
An array containing the packed form of the cut, which is defined and constructed by the user. Given this packed form and a list of the variables active in the current relaxation, the user must be able to construct the corresponding constraint.
double rhs -
The right hand side of the constraint.
double range -
The range of the constraint. It is zero for a standard form constraint. Otherwise, the row activity level is limited to between rhs and ${\tt rhs}+{\tt range}$.
char type -
A user-defined type identifier that represents the general class that the cut belongs to.
char sense -
The sense of the constraint. Can be either 'L' ($\leq$), 'E' ($=$), 'G' ($\geq$) or 'R' (ranged). This may be evident from the type.
char deletable -
Determines whether or not a cut can be deleted once added to the formulation. TRUE by default.
char branch -
Determines whether the cut can be branched on or not. Possible initial values are DO_NOT_BRANCH_ON_THIS_ROW and ALLOWED_TO_BRANCH_ON.
int name -
Identifier used by SYMPHONY. The user should not set this.

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Ted Ralphs