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SYMPHONY 5.2.0 released
  • SYMPHONY now has a preprocessor.
  • The feasibility pump primal heuristic is implemented and activated by default.
  • Reliability branching is now the default branching strategy.
  • New statistics are now part of the default output.
  • The granularity of the objective function value is set by calculating the GCD of the objective coefficients.
  • Several changes in the management of valid inequalities, including quality checks and detection of duplicity.
  • Minor changes in the management of the LP solver interface.
  • Small bug-fixes and improvements.

SYMPHONY is an open-source solver for mixed-integer linear programs (MILPs) written in C. It can be used in three different main modes:

  • As a callable library through either the native C interface or through the Osi.
  • As an interactive solver using a command-line interface.
  • As a framework to build customized solvers for specific problem classes.
SYMPHONY can be executed in either parallel (distributed or shared memory) or sequential modes and has a number of advanced features that make it unique, including the ability to
  • solve biobjective MILPs,
  • warm start the solution procedure, and
  • perform basic sensitivity analyses.

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