More Information and Contributions

More and up-to-date information can be found at the IPOPT homepage,

Here, you can find FAQs, some (hopefully useful) hints, a bug report system etc. The website is managed with Wiki, which means that every user can edit the webpages from the regular web browser. In particular, we encourage IPOPT users to share their experiences and usage hints on the ``Success Stories'' and ``Hints and Tricks'' pages, or to list the publications discussing applications of IPOPT in the ``Papers related to Ipopt'' page6. In particular, if you have trouble getting IPOPT work well for your optimization problem, you might find some ideas here. Also, if you had some difficulties to solve a problem and found a way around it (e.g., by reformulating your problem or by using certain IPOPT options), it would be very nice if you help other users by sharing your experience at the ``Hints and Tricks'' page.

IPOPT is an open source project, and we encourage people to contribute code (such as interfaces to appropriate linear solvers, modeling environments, or even algorithmic features). If you are interested in contributing code, please have a look at the COIN-OR contributions webpage7 and contact the IPOPT project leader.

There is also a mailing list for IPOPT, available from the webpage,
where you can subscribe to get notified of updates, to ask general questions regarding installation and usage, or to share your experience with IPOPT. You might want to look at the archives before posting a question. An easy way to search the archive with Google is to specify site: addition to your keywords in the search string.

We try to answer questions posted to the mailing list in a reasonable manner. Please understand that we cannot answer all questions in detail, and because of time constraints, we are not able to help you model and debug your particular optimization problem.

Another way for discussion and contributing to IPOPT is via its presence on GitHub:
The git repository of IPOPT at GitHub is only a mirror of the subversion repository at the COIN-OR server, but the page allows you to file issues and send small patches. This may be suitable for users who find using the conventional mailing list and bug tracking system too cumbersome.

A short tutorial on getting started with IPOPT is also available [9].


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Since we had some malicious hacker attacks destroying the content of the web pages in the past, you are now required to enter a user name and password; simply follow the instructions on top of the main project page.
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