In order to build IPOPT, some third party components are required: For more information on third-party components and how to obtain them, see Section 2.3.

Since the IPOPT code is written in C++, you will need a C++ compiler to build the IPOPT library. We tried very hard to write the code as platform and compiler independent as possible.

In addition, the configuration script also searches for a Fortran compiler, since some of the dependencies above are written in Fortran. If all third party dependencies are available as self-contained libraries, those compilers are in principle not necessary. Also, it is possible to use the Fortran-to-C compiler f2c from to convert Fortran 77 code to C, and compile the resulting C files with a C compiler and create a library containing the required third party dependencies.

When using GNU compilers, we recommend you use the same version numbers for gcc, g++, and gfortran. For gfortran specifically, we recommend versions newer than 4.5.2 (versions 4.5.1, 4.5.2, and before 4.2.0 are known to have bugs that caused issues with some of the newer Fortran 90 HSL linear solvers).