Getting System Packages (Compilers, ...)

Many Linux distributions will come with all necessary tools. All you should need to do is check the compiler versions. On a Debian-based distribution, you can obtain all necessary tools with the following command:

  sudo apt-get install gcc g++ gfortran subversion patch wget
Replace apt-get with your relevant package manager, e.g. yum for Red Hat-based distributions, zypper for SUSE, etc. The g++ and gfortran compilers may need to be specified respectively as gcc-c++ and gcc-gfortran with some package managers.

On Mac OS X, you need either the Xcode Command Line Tools, available at after registering as an Apple Developer, or a community alternative such as to install the gcc and g++ compilers. It has been reported, that gcc/g++ 4.2 and older is not sufficient for using the HSL codes. If you have a recent version of Xcode installed, the Command Line Tools are available under Preferences, Downloads. In Xcode 3.x, the Command Line Tools are contained in the optional item ``UNIX Dev Support'' during Xcode installation.These items unfortunately do not come with a Fortran compiler, but you can get gfortran from We have been able to compile IPOPT using default Xcode versions of gcc and g++ and a newer version of gfortran from this link, but consistent version numbers may be an issue in future cases.