Resource Times:

Results created on 11/09/09 18:57:37 using the PAVER Server/Performance tools available at

See the solver return definitions for optimal/feasible model and solve statuses. Solutions are not checked for how close they are to eachother.

Resource times are considered the same, if they are within 10% of eachother. A solver is considered faster than another, if it is less than 50% faster than the other. A solver is considered much faster than another, if it is more than 50% faster than the other.

If a model was not solved optimal/feasible by both solvers, the resource time is considered the same. If a model was solved optimal/feasible by solver A but not by solver B, then solver A is considered infinitely faster than solver B. Similarly, if one solver has trace data and the other has no data, then the first solver is consideredinfinitely faster.

A solver is considered to have a better objective function value, if the relative objective value difference is greater than 1.00E-05 For objective values below 1e-1 we use absolute differences.

Input File Number Filename
Tracefile 1: COINIPOPT-1.trc
Tracefile 2: COINIPOPTD-2.trc
Solvers used : COINIPOPTma27
Modeltype(s)   NLP
Threshold: Solver Faster 10%
Threshold: Solver Much Faster 50%
Threshold: Solver Infinitely Faster Other solver failed

Total Obj COINIPOPTma27 better Obj same Obj COINIPOPTDmumps better
Solver COINIPOPTma27 infinitely faster :- - - -
Solver COINIPOPTma27 much faster : 34 - 34 -
Solver COINIPOPTma27 faster : 32 - 32 -
Solvers perform the same : 5 - 4 1
Solver COINIPOPTDmumps faster : 2 - 2 -
Solver COINIPOPTDmumps much faster :- - - -
Solver COINIPOPTDmumps infinitely faster : 1 - - 1
Both solvers failed to solve optimally : 7 - 7 -
Total models: : 810792

Solver return definition:

Outcome Model Status Solver Status
globally optimal 1 or 15 1
locally optimal/feasible 2 or 7 or 16 or 17 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5

Resource Times:

Solver COINIPOPTma27 much faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (COINIPOPTma27) Time (COINIPOPTDmumps) Ratio (COINIPOPTma27 / COINIPOPTDmumps) Obj (COINIPOPTma27) Obj (COINIPOPTDmumps)
arki00020.06000.32000.188 1.87252774E+00 1.87252774E+00
arki001355.1900154.53900.357 -2.24253088E+05 -2.24253087E+05
arki001450.0200135.27200.370 -2.23977086E+05 -2.23977069E+05
arki00152.68005.79900.462 -2.66940688E+02 -2.66940688E+02
arki00170.43001.41400.304 -1.21833080E+02 -1.21833080E+02
arki00180.31001.17900.263 1.04566244E-02 1.04566244E-02
arki00200.07000.14100.496 -4.10749544E+01 -4.10749544E+01
camshape4000.16001.29200.124 -4.27569663E+00 -4.27569663E+00
camshape8000.3200150.92800.002 -4.27430687E+00 -4.27430687E+00
ex8_2_2a2.33004.99200.467 -5.52666259E+02 -5.52666259E+02
ex8_2_2b3.05006.89800.442 -5.52666260E+02 -5.52666260E+02
flowchan2000.09000.22200.405 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
flowchan4000.17000.81300.209 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
gasoil1000.15000.48300.311 5.23659432E-03 5.23659432E-03
gasoil2000.33000.75700.436 5.23659587E-03 5.23659587E-03
gasoil500.06000.16800.357 5.23664002E-03 5.23664002E-03
infeas10.35000.76900.455 1.36855965E+04 1.36855965E+04
lnts2000.06000.13800.435 5.54577016E-01 5.54577016E-01
lnts4000.08000.28200.284 5.54572414E-01 5.54572414E-01
methanol2002.57005.27000.488 9.02228981E-03 9.02228981E-03
pinene1000.16000.48000.333 1.98721701E+01 1.98721701E+01
pinene2000.47001.00700.467 1.98721668E+01 1.98721668E+01
pinene250.08000.26100.307 1.98721655E+01 1.98721655E+01
pinene500.08000.26400.303 1.98721655E+01 1.98721655E+01
polygon500.65001.63300.398 -7.82132559E-01 -7.82132559E-01
polygon752.87006.11700.469 -7.84463757E-01 -7.84463758E-01
popdynm1000.23000.53600.429 1.97465286E+04 1.97465286E+04
popdynm2000.64001.36500.469 1.97465296E+04 1.97465296E+04
popdynm250.14000.28500.491 1.97522154E+04 1.97522154E+04
popdynm500.16000.80300.199 1.97465452E+04 1.97465452E+04
robot2000.27000.85700.315 9.14139675E+00 9.14139688E+00
robot4000.76002.62500.290 9.14102607E+00 9.14102607E+00
rocket1001.84005.28100.348 -1.01283202E+00 -1.01283202E+00
rocket20011.830031.99300.370 -1.01283569E+00 -1.01283569E+00

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Solver COINIPOPTma27 faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (COINIPOPTma27) Time (COINIPOPTDmumps) Ratio (COINIPOPTma27 / COINIPOPTDmumps) Obj (COINIPOPTma27) Obj (COINIPOPTDmumps)
arki00042.76003.58000.771 3.27733013E+02 3.27733013E+02
arki001180.780091.91000.879 -2.24086460E+05 -2.24086460E+05
arki001612.300015.88500.774 8.67973166E+02 8.67973166E+02
arki00210.23000.44400.518 -7.25821009E+01 -7.25821009E+01
arki00220.35000.68900.508 -8.70990913E+01 -8.70990913E+01
arki00230.72001.40300.513 -1.53660078E+02 -1.53660078E+02
catmix4000.09000.15400.584 -4.80565435E-02 -4.80565435E-02
catmix8000.15000.26600.564 -4.80558974E-02 -4.80558974E-02
ex8_2_3a6.760011.98700.564 -3.73107930E+03 -3.73107930E+03
ex8_2_3b8.190013.81000.593 -3.73107930E+03 -3.73107930E+03
ex8_2_5a2.41003.52500.684 -8.30338068E+02 -8.30338068E+02
ex8_2_5b8.610010.13600.849 -8.30338068E+02 -8.30338068E+02
gasoil4001.01001.77100.570 5.23659583E-03 5.23659583E-03
jbearing1000.47000.66500.707 -1.55041943E-01 -1.55041943E-01
jbearing250.11000.15700.701 -1.54015507E-01 -1.54015507E-01
jbearing500.20000.31400.637 -1.54823813E-01 -1.54823813E-01
jbearing750.32000.46400.690 -1.54984461E-01 -1.54984461E-01
lnts1000.03000.3370--- 5.54595401E-01 5.54595401E-01
methanol1000.27000.50900.530 9.02229108E-03 9.02229108E-03
methanol4004.09006.71000.610 9.02228992E-03 9.02228986E-03
methanol500.09000.17300.520 9.02228685E-03 9.02228685E-03
minsurf1000.58000.68100.852 2.50694962E+00 2.50694962E+00
minsurf250.13000.15000.867 2.51948798E+00 2.51948798E+00
minsurf500.26000.31400.828 2.51489003E+00 2.51489003E+00
minsurf751.57002.10800.745 2.50568664E+00 2.50568721E+00
polygon1003.84004.75100.808 -7.85056137E-01 -7.85056137E-01
polygon250.07000.11100.631 -7.79740541E-01 -7.79740541E-01
rocket400116.9400233.81100.500 -1.01283661E+00 -1.01283661E+00
torsion1000.61000.72700.839 -4.18239199E-01 -4.18239199E-01
torsion250.13000.16200.802 -4.17510726E-01 -4.17510726E-01
torsion500.29000.35600.815 -4.18087625E-01 -4.18087625E-01
torsion750.45000.53500.841 -4.18199390E-01 -4.18199390E-01

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Solvers perform the same - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (COINIPOPTma27) Time (COINIPOPTDmumps) Ratio (COINIPOPTma27 / COINIPOPTDmumps) Obj (COINIPOPTma27) Obj (COINIPOPTDmumps)
catmix1000.04000.0990--- -4.80694133E-02 -4.80694133E-02
catmix2000.04000.0840--- -4.80591358E-02 -4.80591358E-02
chain4000.02000.0600--- 5.06862169E+00 5.06862169E+00
flowchan1000.03000.1060--- 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00

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Solvers perform the same - Obj of COINIPOPTDmumps better:

Modelname Time (COINIPOPTma27) Time (COINIPOPTDmumps) Ratio (COINIPOPTma27 / COINIPOPTDmumps) Obj (COINIPOPTma27) Obj (COINIPOPTDmumps)
glider2002014.56001821.65601.106 -1.24880943E+03 -1.24889636E+03

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Solver COINIPOPTDmumps faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (COINIPOPTma27) Time (COINIPOPTDmumps) Ratio (COINIPOPTma27 / COINIPOPTDmumps) Obj (COINIPOPTma27) Obj (COINIPOPTDmumps)
arki0012175.090089.93401.947 -2.24252435E+05 -2.24252273E+05
elec20057.700051.87201.112 1.84392677E+04 1.84392677E+04

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Solver COINIPOPTDmumps infinitely faster - Obj of COINIPOPTDmumps better:

Modelname Time (COINIPOPTma27) Time (COINIPOPTDmumps) Ratio (COINIPOPTma27 / COINIPOPTDmumps) Obj (COINIPOPTma27) Obj (COINIPOPTDmumps)
robot50unbounded 41.6870 -- -2.50210118E+23 -1.55760109E+16

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Both solvers failed to solve optimally - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (COINIPOPTma27) Time (COINIPOPTDmumps) Ratio (COINIPOPTma27 / COINIPOPTDmumps) Obj (COINIPOPTma27) Obj (COINIPOPTDmumps)
arki0003infeasible fail -- 8.63071054E+00 0.00000000E+00
arki0008fail fail -- 3.28465611E+05 0.00000000E+00
ex8_2_2fail fail -- -1.40516419E+03 NA
glider100infeasible infeasible -- 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
glider400infeasible infeasible -- -1.17108212E-09 -4.58759472E-10
glider50infeasible infeasible -- 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
robot100unbounded fail -- -1.00002177E+24 0.00000000E+00

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