Models: 81 NLPs with at least 1000 nonlinear nonzeros from the GAMS GlobalLib

Solvers: Ipopt stable/3.5 rev. 1331, ATLAS 3.8.2, Lapack 3.1.1, and option file

tol 1e-8
acceptable_tol 1e-8
constr_viol_tol 1e-4
compl_inf_tol 1e-4
  1. IPOPT-1: with MA27 as linear solver
  2. IPOPT-2: with MUMPS 4.8.2 as linear solver

Timelimit: 3600 seconds
Optimality and Feasibility tolerance: relative 1e-8, absolute 1e-4


Results (Note, that the ratio between the linear solver time and the total solver time has been used for performance profile plots.)