Resource Times:

Results created on 03/04/11 18:28:44 using the PAVER Server/Performance tools available at

See the solver return definitions for optimal/feasible model and solve statuses. Solutions are not checked for how close they are to eachother.

Resource times are considered the same, if they are within 10% of eachother. A solver is considered faster than another, if it is less than 50% faster than the other. A solver is considered much faster than another, if it is more than 50% faster than the other.

If a model was not solved optimal/feasible by both solvers, the resource time is considered the same. If a model was solved optimal/feasible by solver A but not by solver B, then solver A is considered infinitely faster than solver B. Similarly, if one solver has trace data and the other has no data, then the first solver is consideredinfinitely faster.

A solver is considered to have a better objective function value, if the relative objective value difference is greater than 1.00E-05 For objective values below 1e-1 we use absolute differences.

Input File Number Filename
Tracefile 1: SCIP-0.trc
Tracefile 2: CBC-0.trc
Solvers used : SCIP
Modeltype(s)   MIP
Threshold: Solver Faster 10%
Threshold: Solver Much Faster 50%
Threshold: Solver Infinitely Faster Other solver failed

Total Obj SCIP better Obj same Obj CBC better
Solver SCIP infinitely faster : 1 1 - -
Solver SCIP much faster : 37 1 35 1
Solver SCIP faster : 22 1 21 -
Solvers perform the same : 31 4 18 9
Solver CBC faster : 13 - 13 -
Solver CBC much faster : 24 - 23 1
Solver CBC infinitely faster :- - - -
Both solvers failed to solve optimally :- - - -
Total models: : 128711011

Solver return definition:

Outcome Model Status Solver Status
globally optimal 1 or 15 1
locally optimal/feasible 2 or 8 or 16 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 8

Resource Times:

Solver SCIP infinitely faster - Obj of SCIP better:

Modelname Time (SCIP) Time (CBC) Ratio (SCIP / CBC) Obj (SCIP) Obj (CBC)
seymour3600.0100fail -- 4.26000000E+02 NA

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Solver SCIP much faster - Obj of SCIP better:

Modelname Time (SCIP) Time (CBC) Ratio (SCIP / CBC) Obj (SCIP) Obj (CBC)
neos6929.51003601.29000.258 8.30000000E+01 8.40000000E+01

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Solver SCIP much faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (SCIP) Time (CBC) Ratio (SCIP / CBC) Obj (SCIP) Obj (CBC)
acc-tight-2149.11002659.29100.056 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
acc-tight-384.9600189.76300.448 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
acc-tight-5135.6700350.41500.387 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
acc-tight-6434.08001729.05700.251 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
bc1161.75001513.27500.107 3.33836255E+00 3.33836255E+00
bell50.43001.98100.217 8.96640649E+06 8.96640649E+06
bienst1122.5100260.13900.471 4.67500000E+01 4.67500000E+01
binkar10_1426.94001164.14000.367 6.74220002E+03 6.74220002E+03
blend20.46003.39600.135 7.59898500E+00 7.59898500E+00
eild7639.07001465.20500.027 8.85411847E+02 8.85411847E+02
enigma0.36003.13300.115 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
gen0.10000.20100.498 1.12313363E+05 1.12313363E+05
gesa21.10004.70300.234 2.57798564E+07 2.57798564E+07
gesa2_o1.25008.88000.141 2.57798564E+07 2.57798564E+07
harp2416.07001121.09500.371 -7.38997980E+07 -7.38997980E+07
lseu0.27000.95700.282 1.12000000E+03 1.12000000E+03
modglob0.45006.27900.072 2.07405081E+07 2.07405081E+07
n370455.19003602.44900.015 1.32717900E+06 1.32717900E+06
n370945.32003602.31800.013 1.32490400E+06 1.32490400E+06
neos10.99005.42900.182 1.90000000E+01 1.90000000E+01
neos42.650018.97900.140 -4.86034408E+10 -4.86034408E+10
neos52.650017.04200.155 -4.86034408E+10 -4.86034408E+10
neos730.6200842.99200.036 7.21934000E+05 7.21934000E+05
noswot320.43002178.67600.147 -4.10000000E+01 -4.10000000E+01
p02820.39000.96000.406 2.58411000E+05 2.58411000E+05
pp08acuts1.700012.31500.138 7.35000000E+03 7.35000000E+03
pp08a1.620015.98900.101 7.35000000E+03 7.35000000E+03
qiu74.6200269.62800.277 -1.32873137E+02 -1.32873137E+02
ran10x120.39001.33600.292 2.71400000E+03 2.71400000E+03
rgn0.74003.76100.197 8.21999960E+01 8.21999992E+01
rlp20.40001.28800.311 1.90000000E+01 1.90000000E+01
rout75.9600218.53900.348 1.07756000E+03 1.07756000E+03
set1ch0.8300298.92800.003 5.45377500E+04 5.45377500E+04
stein270.89001.97300.451 1.80000000E+01 1.80000000E+01
vpm10.06000.29300.205 2.00000000E+01 2.00000000E+01

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Solver SCIP much faster - Obj of CBC better:

Modelname Time (SCIP) Time (CBC) Ratio (SCIP / CBC) Obj (SCIP) Obj (CBC)
n370c13.60003602.10400.004 1.34374900E+06 1.32888500E+06

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Solver SCIP faster - Obj of SCIP better:

Modelname Time (SCIP) Time (CBC) Ratio (SCIP / CBC) Obj (SCIP) Obj (CBC)
arki0011855.31003601.20500.515 7.58081305E+06 7.58113495E+06

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Solver SCIP faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (SCIP) Time (CBC) Ratio (SCIP / CBC) Obj (SCIP) Obj (CBC)
bienst2511.9900851.96900.601 5.46000000E+01 5.46000000E+01
dcmulti1.17002.09000.560 1.88182000E+05 1.88182000E+05
dsbmip0.63000.91900.686 -3.06769012E+02 -3.06769012E+02
fiber1.24001.94600.637 4.05935180E+05 4.05935180E+05
gesa3_o1.45002.20100.659 2.79910426E+07 2.79910426E+07
misc031.49001.76500.844 3.36000000E+03 3.36000000E+03
misc060.53000.71100.745 1.28508607E+04 1.28508607E+04
misc0716.410028.35800.579 2.81000000E+03 2.81000000E+03
prod120.100025.03700.803 -5.60000000E+01 -5.60000000E+01
ran10x10b0.35000.58800.595 3.07300000E+03 3.07300000E+03
ran10x2636.800056.25600.654 4.27000000E+03 4.27000000E+03
ran12x1220.530024.84900.826 2.29100000E+03 2.29100000E+03
ran12x2196.5400124.64400.775 3.66400000E+03 3.66400000E+03
ran13x1350.510096.29400.525 3.25200000E+03 3.25200000E+03
ran16x16446.3000693.85700.643 3.82300000E+03 3.82300000E+03
ran6x431.43002.42100.591 6.33000000E+03 6.33000000E+03
rentacar2.89004.96800.582 2.88824709E+07 2.88824709E+07
seymour1630.2800849.89300.742 4.10763701E+02 4.10763701E+02
stein4518.660022.95600.813 3.00000000E+01 3.00000000E+01
swath2124.5500180.87900.689 3.85199693E+02 3.85199693E+02
vpm21.41002.61600.539 1.37500000E+01 1.37500000E+01

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Solvers perform the same - Obj of SCIP better:

Modelname Time (SCIP) Time (CBC) Ratio (SCIP / CBC) Obj (SCIP) Obj (CBC)
mkc3600.01003600.58001.000 -5.60332000E+02 -5.58126000E+02
n37053600.01003602.28900.999 1.33883000E+06 1.34254000E+06
n370e3600.00003602.36000.999 1.29791100E+06 1.31564800E+06
swath3600.00003601.01801.000 4.74755188E+02 5.35228418E+02

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Solvers perform the same - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (SCIP) Time (CBC) Ratio (SCIP / CBC) Obj (SCIP) Obj (CBC)
bc3600.00003602.88600.999 7.00000000E+00 7.00000000E+00
bk4x30.01000.0270--- 3.50000000E+02 3.50000000E+02
danoint3600.01003602.86000.999 6.56666667E+01 6.56666667E+01
egout0.02000.0350--- 5.68100700E+02 5.68100700E+02
fast05073600.01003603.42800.999 1.75000000E+02 1.75000000E+02
gr4x60.01000.0410--- 2.02350000E+02 2.02350000E+02
gt20.12000.0290--- 2.11660000E+04 2.11660000E+04
n37003600.00003602.10200.999 1.34256000E+06 1.34256000E+06
n37013600.01003602.05300.999 1.31097000E+06 1.31097000E+06
n37023600.07003602.22100.999 1.32038700E+06 1.32038700E+06
n37073600.01003602.27700.999 1.30121800E+06 1.30121800E+06
n37083600.00003602.04400.999 1.32947900E+06 1.32947900E+06
p00330.02000.0180--- 3.08900000E+03 3.08900000E+03
p02012.07001.86801.108 7.61500000E+03 7.61500000E+03
qap10343.5600318.28301.079 3.40000000E+02 3.40000000E+02
ran10x10a0.77000.75401.021 1.49900000E+03 1.49900000E+03
ran10x10c2.44002.59000.942 1.30070000E+04 1.30070000E+04
ran4x640.96000.88501.085 9.71100000E+03 9.71100000E+03

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Solvers perform the same - Obj of CBC better:

Modelname Time (SCIP) Time (CBC) Ratio (SCIP / CBC) Obj (SCIP) Obj (CBC)
dano3mip3600.01003649.30600.986 7.56000000E+02 7.40222222E+02
markshare13600.00003600.83801.000 8.00000000E+00 3.00000000E+00
markshare23600.00003601.16201.000 1.70000000E+01 1.40000000E+01
mkc13600.00003601.11201.000 -6.06850000E+02 -6.07050000E+02
n37033600.01003602.41100.999 1.31644200E+06 1.30017900E+06
n37063600.00003602.08400.999 1.31968100E+06 1.30644500E+06
n370a3600.00003602.06100.999 1.35304200E+06 1.33637000E+06
n370b3600.08003602.07600.999 1.36840045E+06 1.34483100E+06
ran14x183600.00003603.92600.999 3.73500000E+03 3.71200000E+03

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Solver CBC faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (SCIP) Time (CBC) Ratio (SCIP / CBC) Obj (SCIP) Obj (CBC)
air0574.220048.47501.531 2.63740000E+04 2.63740000E+04
dano3_3148.1300105.68501.402 5.76344633E+02 5.76344633E+02
dano3_4199.7700162.98201.226 5.76435225E+02 5.76435225E+02
dano3_5539.5600395.66101.364 5.76924916E+02 5.76924916E+02
gesa31.32001.14701.151 2.79910426E+07 2.79910426E+07
khb052500.61000.37601.622 1.06940226E+08 1.06940226E+08
mod0101.64000.89901.824 6.54800000E+03 6.54800000E+03
p05480.23000.18201.264 8.69100000E+03 8.69100000E+03
p27562.82001.76801.595 3.12400000E+03 3.12400000E+03
qnet14.29002.18301.965 1.60296927E+04 1.60296927E+04
ran17x1720.350010.41301.954 1.37300000E+03 1.37300000E+03
ran8x3223.760012.59101.887 5.24700000E+03 5.24700000E+03
swath183.930044.78901.874 3.79071296E+02 3.79071296E+02

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Solver CBC much faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (SCIP) Time (CBC) Ratio (SCIP / CBC) Obj (SCIP) Obj (CBC)
10teams84.99008.182010.387 9.24000000E+02 9.24000000E+02
acc-tight-05.52001.51603.641 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
acc-tight-178.92005.696013.855 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
acc-tight-462.07005.801010.700 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
air0331.41002.036015.427 3.40160000E+05 3.40160000E+05
air04124.660060.64402.056 5.61370000E+04 5.61370000E+04
bal8x120.34000.07504.533 4.71550000E+02 4.71550000E+02
bell3a8.10001.51605.343 8.78430316E+05 8.78430316E+05
cap600010.06002.50304.019 -2.45137700E+06 -2.45137700E+06
fixnet63.39001.60002.119 3.98300000E+03 3.98300000E+03
irp60.940013.28704.586 1.21594928E+04 1.21594928E+04
l152lav5.59002.24702.488 4.72200000E+03 4.72200000E+03
mas28420.35008.72602.332 9.14057236E+04 9.14057237E+04
mas74952.5500320.67102.970 1.18011857E+04 1.18011857E+04
mas7671.670022.49103.187 4.00050541E+04 4.00050541E+04
mitre5.32002.16902.453 1.15155000E+05 1.15155000E+05
mod0080.88000.34102.581 3.07000000E+02 3.07000000E+02
mod011305.0600111.83702.728 -5.45585350E+07 -5.45585350E+07
neos2144.95007.427019.517 4.54864697E+02 4.54864697E+02
nug08186.070012.519014.863 2.14000000E+02 2.14000000E+02
nw04164.660011.980013.745 1.68620000E+04 1.68620000E+04
pk189.580037.23302.406 1.10000000E+01 1.10000000E+01
qnet1_o5.49001.88102.919 1.60296927E+04 1.60296927E+04

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Solver CBC much faster - Obj of CBC better:

Modelname Time (SCIP) Time (CBC) Ratio (SCIP / CBC) Obj (SCIP) Obj (CBC)
neos33600.000030.6030117.636 4.98786124E+02 3.68842751E+02

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