Resource Times:

Results created on 09/14/12 19:33:57 using the PAVER Server/Performance tools available at

See the solver return definitions for optimal/feasible model and solve statuses. Solutions are not checked for how close they are to eachother.

Resource times are considered the same, if they are within 10% of eachother. A solver is considered faster than another, if it is less than 50% faster than the other. A solver is considered much faster than another, if it is more than 50% faster than the other.

If a model was not solved optimal/feasible by both solvers, the resource time is considered the same. If a model was solved optimal/feasible by solver A but not by solver B, then solver A is considered infinitely faster than solver B. Similarly, if one solver has trace data and the other has no data, then the first solver is consideredinfinitely faster.

A solver is considered to have a better objective function value, if the relative objective value difference is greater than 1.50E-04 For objective values below 1e-1 we use absolute differences.

Input File Number Filename
Tracefile 1: minlpconvex_bonmin-oa.pav
Tracefile 2: minlpconvex_sbb.pav
Solvers used : BONMIN_bonmin-oa
Modeltype(s)   MINLP
Threshold: Solver Faster 10%
Threshold: Solver Much Faster 50%
Threshold: Solver Infinitely Faster Other solver failed

Total Obj BONMIN_bonmin-oa better Obj same Obj SBB_sbb better
Solver BONMIN_bonmin-oa infinitely faster : 1 1 - -
Solver BONMIN_bonmin-oa much faster : 46 6 40 -
Solver BONMIN_bonmin-oa faster : 11 1 10 -
Solvers perform the same : 5 1 4 -
Solver SBB_sbb faster : 6 - 6 -
Solver SBB_sbb much faster : 13 - 13 -
Solver SBB_sbb infinitely faster : 63 - - 63
Both solvers failed to solve optimally : 10 - 10 -
Total models: : 15598363

Solver return definition:

Outcome Model Status Solver Status
globally optimal 1 or 15 1
locally optimal/feasible 2 or 8 or 16 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 8

Resource Times:

Solver BONMIN_bonmin-oa infinitely faster - Obj of BONMIN_bonmin-oa better:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Time (SBB_sbb) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-oa / SBB_sbb) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (SBB_sbb)
clay0303m5.6360fail -- 2.66691000E+04 2.75883000E+04

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Solver BONMIN_bonmin-oa much faster - Obj of BONMIN_bonmin-oa better:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Time (SBB_sbb) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-oa / SBB_sbb) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (SBB_sbb)
RSyn0810M02M1576.37008679.99000.182 1.74139000E+03 1.59216000E+03
RSyn0840M71.225011688.70000.006 3.25555000E+02 2.47397000E+02
Syn20M04M8.89907781.69000.001 3.53274000E+03 3.50074000E+03
Syn40M02M255.97408804.54000.029 3.88772000E+02 3.44487000E+02
sssd-10-4-3295.473012944.60000.023 1.52710000E+05 1.59329000E+05
fo7_ar5_13347.92007340.09000.456 1.77493000E+01 1.90120000E+01

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Solver BONMIN_bonmin-oa much faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Time (SBB_sbb) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-oa / SBB_sbb) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (SBB_sbb)
clay0204h7.691043.68500.176 6.54500000E+03 6.54500000E+03
clay0204m3.341010.93300.306 6.54500000E+03 6.54500000E+03
RSyn0810H0.37602.94600.128 1.72145000E+03 1.72145000E+03
RSyn0810M02H3.169020.71200.153 1.74139000E+03 1.74139000E+03
RSyn0810M03H16.1540106.60500.152 2.72245000E+03 2.72245000E+03
RSyn0810M04H5.915030.64200.193 6.58194000E+03 6.58194000E+03
RSyn0810M5.4510788.84100.007 1.72145000E+03 1.72145000E+03
RSyn0820M02H4.777058.57000.082 1.09209000E+03 1.09209000E+03
RSyn0820M03H40.6240514.57100.079 2.02881000E+03 2.02881000E+03
RSyn0820M04H23.8390427.05300.056 2.45077000E+03 2.45077000E+03
RSyn0820M26.10207190.59000.004 1.15030000E+03 1.15030000E+03
RSyn0840H0.93802.18900.429 3.25555000E+02 3.25555000E+02
RSyn0840M02H2.635018.92900.139 7.34984000E+02 7.34984000E+02
RSyn0840M03H16.8210113.87100.148 2.74265000E+03 2.74265000E+03
RSyn0840M04H20.5300740.91300.028 2.56450000E+03 2.56450000E+03
Syn10M02M0.38203.34100.114 2.31030000E+03 2.31030000E+03
Syn10M03M1.211013.27800.091 3.35468000E+03 3.35468000E+03
Syn10M04H0.24300.59100.411 4.55706000E+03 4.55706000E+03
Syn10M04M1.109058.30700.019 4.55706000E+03 4.55706000E+03
Syn20M02M1.7920819.53000.002 1.75213000E+03 1.75213000E+03
Syn20M03H0.39701.17200.339 2.64695000E+03 2.64695000E+03
Syn20M03M11.12507954.42000.001 2.64695000E+03 2.64695000E+03
Syn20M04H0.67101.74400.385 3.53274000E+03 3.53274000E+03
Syn20M0.33603.31600.101 9.24263000E+02 9.24263000E+02
Syn40M02H1.43503.89700.368 3.88773000E+02 3.88773000E+02
Syn40M03H5.622016.22700.346 3.95149000E+02 3.95149000E+02
Syn40M04H16.983060.92100.279 9.01752000E+02 9.01752000E+02
Syn40M1.721010415.20000.000 6.77133000E+01 6.77133000E+01
sssd-8-4-324.5310931.07600.026 1.97181000E+05 1.97181000E+05
nd-12660.68102721.82000.243 5.66696000E+01 5.66696000E+01
fo7_22450.54007403.91000.331 1.77493000E+01 1.77493000E+01
m30.19700.46600.423 3.78000000E+01 3.78000000E+01
m619.77201321.29000.015 8.22569000E+01 8.22569000E+01
m7_ar2_1150.45202283.07000.066 1.90235000E+02 1.90235000E+02
m7_ar25_151.62804391.67000.012 1.43585000E+02 1.43585000E+02
m7_ar3_1726.32807479.49000.097 1.43585000E+02 1.43585000E+02
m7_ar4_1864.49307134.81000.121 1.06757000E+02 1.06757000E+02
m7_ar5_11070.70007336.16000.146 1.06460000E+02 1.06460000E+02
m7140.00707448.18000.019 1.06757000E+02 1.06757000E+02
tls20.95004.23200.224 5.30000000E+00 5.30000000E+00

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Solver BONMIN_bonmin-oa faster - Obj of BONMIN_bonmin-oa better:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Time (SBB_sbb) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-oa / SBB_sbb) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (SBB_sbb)
RSyn0840M02M4692.20008159.11000.575 7.34984000E+02 1.91126000E+02

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Solver BONMIN_bonmin-oa faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Time (SBB_sbb) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-oa / SBB_sbb) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (SBB_sbb)
clay0203h3.16203.93700.803 4.15733000E+04 4.15733000E+04
clay0205m122.4660231.49400.529 8.09250000E+03 8.09250000E+03
clay0303h5.96206.96100.856 2.66691000E+04 2.66691000E+04
clay0304h263.1000510.20700.516 4.02624000E+04 4.02624000E+04
RSyn0820H2.83104.69400.603 1.15030000E+03 1.15030000E+03
SLay05H17.260022.22400.777 2.26647000E+04 2.26647000E+04
Syn10M02H0.21700.28500.761 2.31030000E+03 2.31030000E+03
Syn10M03H0.25800.44800.576 3.35468000E+03 3.35468000E+03
Syn10M0.12300.21700.567 1.26735000E+03 1.26735000E+03
Syn20M02H0.52600.99900.527 1.75213000E+03 1.75213000E+03

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Solvers perform the same - Obj of BONMIN_bonmin-oa better:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Time (SBB_sbb) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-oa / SBB_sbb) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (SBB_sbb)
fo7_ar2_17014.39007545.54000.930 2.48398000E+01 3.48713000E+01

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Solvers perform the same - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Time (SBB_sbb) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-oa / SBB_sbb) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (SBB_sbb)
FLay03M0.70300.64401.092 4.89898000E+01 4.89898000E+01
SLay05M2.31002.30201.003 2.26647000E+04 2.26647000E+04
Syn40H0.92200.86801.062 6.77134000E+01 6.77134000E+01
nd-10448.2020472.23600.949 5.24611000E+01 5.24611000E+01

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Solver SBB_sbb faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Time (SBB_sbb) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-oa / SBB_sbb) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (SBB_sbb)
clay0203m2.19701.84501.191 4.15733000E+04 4.15733000E+04
clay0205h1044.7000688.04001.518 8.09250000E+03 8.09250000E+03
clay0305m258.4510186.26201.388 8.09250000E+03 8.09250000E+03
FLay03H1.98101.01901.944 4.89898000E+01 4.89898000E+01
Syn10H0.14700.11201.313 1.26735000E+03 1.26735000E+03
Syn20H0.23400.20401.147 9.24263000E+02 9.24263000E+02

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Solver SBB_sbb much faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Time (SBB_sbb) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-oa / SBB_sbb) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (SBB_sbb)
BatchS101006M443.554081.60705.435 7.69440000E+05 7.69440000E+05
BatchS121208M655.494099.39706.595 1.24113000E+06 1.24113000E+06
BatchS151208M4421.2200123.503035.798 1.54347000E+06 1.54347000E+06
clay0304m304.522094.46303.224 4.02624000E+04 4.02624000E+04
clay0305h3838.39001521.99002.522 8.09250000E+03 8.09250000E+03
FLay04H188.158025.21207.463 5.44059000E+01 5.44059000E+01
FLay04M21.441010.08502.126 5.44059000E+01 5.44059000E+01
SLay06H1071.9600387.85102.764 3.27570000E+04 3.27570000E+04
SLay06M5.90201.12105.265 3.27570000E+04 3.27570000E+04
SLay07M75.294013.66805.509 6.47488000E+04 6.47488000E+04
SLay08M4354.49004.8160904.172 8.49602000E+04 8.49602000E+04
uflquad-25-253815.85005.7650661.899 6.73697000E+02 6.73697000E+02
uflquad-25-303352.38004.6730717.394 6.69840000E+02 6.69840000E+02

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Solver SBB_sbb infinitely faster - Obj of SBB_sbb better:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Time (SBB_sbb) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-oa / SBB_sbb) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (SBB_sbb)
BatchS201210Mfail 517.8210 -- 1.00000000E+20 2.29535000E+06
FLay05Mfail 504.3070 -- 1.00000000E+20 6.44981000E+01
FLay06Hfail 7451.7700 -- 1.00000000E+20 6.69328000E+01
RSyn0810M03Mfail 7569.2100 -- -1.00000000E+20 2.36877000E+03
RSyn0810M04Mfail 7495.6000 -- -1.00000000E+20 5.43333000E+03
RSyn0820M02Mfail 7627.2200 -- -1.00000000E+20 6.69537000E+02
RSyn0820M03Mfail 7451.4200 -- -1.00000000E+20 1.43977000E+03
RSyn0820M04Mfail 7396.6400 -- -1.00000000E+20 1.56383000E+03
RSyn0840M03Mfail 7609.5000 -- -1.00000000E+20 2.24135000E+03
RSyn0840M04Mfail 7575.0000 -- -1.00000000E+20 2.30143000E+03
SLay07Hfail 7383.1600 -- 1.00000000E+20 6.47488000E+04
SLay08Hfail 7413.2200 -- 1.00000000E+20 8.51150000E+04
SLay09Hfail 7412.7900 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.22507000E+05
SLay09Mfail 330.1600 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.07806000E+05
SLay10Hfail 7356.2200 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.53256000E+05
SLay10Mfail 538.4240 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.29580000E+05
Syn40M03Mfail 7548.5800 -- -1.00000000E+20 2.94290000E+02
Syn40M04Mfail 7557.2600 -- -1.00000000E+20 8.31896000E+02
sssd-12-5-3fail 19374.5000 -- 1.00000000E+20 3.30320000E+05
sssd-15-6-3fail 15779.7000 -- 1.00000000E+20 5.13871000E+05
sssd-16-8-3fail 13118.5000 -- 1.00000000E+20 7.09652000E+05
sssd-18-8-3fail 12851.3000 -- 1.00000000E+20 6.37320000E+05
sssd-20-9-3fail 11853.3000 -- 1.00000000E+20 5.10261000E+05
sssd-22-8-3fail 12055.5000 -- 1.00000000E+20 7.30203000E+05
uflquad-15-60fail 15.8290 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.06319000E+03
uflquad-15-80fail 37.1940 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.21799000E+03
uflquad-20-40fail 19.0030 -- 1.00000000E+20 8.60961000E+02
uflquad-20-50fail 1623.3800 -- 1.00000000E+20 3.75919000E+02
uflquad-25-40fail 27.5040 -- 1.00000000E+20 8.28165000E+02
nd-13fail 7251.3700 -- 1.00000000E+20 6.59079000E+01
nd-15fail 7230.4100 -- 1.00000000E+20 8.69265000E+01
nd-16fail 7227.5800 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.02098000E+02
fo7_ar25_1fail 7414.1500 -- 1.00000000E+20 2.56784000E+01
fo7_ar3_1fail 7413.0500 -- 1.00000000E+20 2.31210000E+01
fo7_ar4_1fail 7368.0300 -- 1.00000000E+20 2.94755000E+01
fo7fail 7431.2200 -- 1.00000000E+20 2.84523000E+01
fo8_ar2_1fail 7498.4800 -- 1.00000000E+20 4.84199000E+01
fo8_ar25_1fail 7372.1000 -- 1.00000000E+20 4.16304000E+01
fo8_ar3_1fail 7329.2200 -- 1.00000000E+20 4.07912000E+01
fo8_ar4_1fail 7294.2400 -- 1.00000000E+20 3.34653000E+01
fo8_ar5_1fail 7299.6800 -- 1.00000000E+20 4.56578000E+01
fo8fail 7381.7800 -- 1.00000000E+20 4.10696000E+01
fo9_ar5_1fail 7263.1100 -- 1.00000000E+20 4.16603000E+01
fo9fail 7344.6400 -- 1.00000000E+20 4.99615000E+01
netmod_dol1fail 7214.8800 -- 1.00000000E+20 -5.51398000E-01
netmod_kar1fail 204.3500 -- 1.00000000E+20 -4.19790000E-01
netmod_kar2fail 202.6730 -- 1.00000000E+20 -4.19790000E-01
no7_ar2_1fail 7471.5700 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.51860000E+02
no7_ar25_1fail 7380.7300 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.48786000E+02
no7_ar3_1fail 7374.7100 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.34427000E+02
no7_ar4_1fail 7367.5900 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.20701000E+02
no7_ar5_1fail 7343.6400 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.18382000E+02
o7_2fail 7409.9700 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.22353000E+02
o7_ar2_1fail 7458.1000 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.77946000E+02
o7_ar25_1fail 7424.6000 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.80922000E+02
o7_ar3_1fail 7369.9300 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.63977000E+02
o7_ar4_1fail 7346.2800 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.83000000E+02
o7_ar5_1fail 7350.2000 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.29239000E+02
o7fail 7424.4200 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.65396000E+02
o8_ar4_1fail 7302.2300 -- 1.00000000E+20 3.04809000E+02
tls4fail 15208.6000 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.37000000E+01
tls5fail 10552.2000 -- 1.00000000E+20 1.56000000E+01
tls6fail 9148.5200 -- 1.00000000E+20 2.14000000E+01

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Both solvers failed to solve optimally - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Time (SBB_sbb) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-oa / SBB_sbb) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (SBB_sbb)
FLay05Hfail fail -- 1.00000000E+20 6.40444000E+01
FLay06Mfail fail -- 1.00000000E+20 6.67916000E+01
fo9_ar2_1fail fail -- 1.00000000E+20 1.00000000E+20
fo9_ar25_1fail fail -- 1.00000000E+20 1.00000000E+20
fo9_ar3_1fail fail -- 1.00000000E+20 1.00000000E+20
fo9_ar4_1fail fail -- 1.00000000E+20 1.00000000E+20
netmod_dol2fail fail -- 1.00000000E+20 -6.47293000E-01
o9_ar4_1fail fail -- 1.00000000E+20 1.00000000E+20
tls12fail fail -- 1.00000000E+20 1.00000000E+20
tls7fail fail -- 1.00000000E+20 1.00000000E+20

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