Resource Times:

Results created on 02/25/11 16:11:31 using the PAVER Server/Performance tools available at

See the solver return definitions for optimal/feasible model and solve statuses. Solutions are not checked for how close they are to eachother.

Resource times are considered the same, if they are within 10% of eachother. A solver is considered faster than another, if it is less than 50% faster than the other. A solver is considered much faster than another, if it is more than 50% faster than the other.

If a model was not solved optimal/feasible by both solvers, the resource time is considered the same. If a model was solved optimal/feasible by solver A but not by solver B, then solver A is considered infinitely faster than solver B. Similarly, if one solver has trace data and the other has no data, then the first solver is consideredinfinitely faster.

A solver is considered to have a better objective function value, if the relative objective value difference is greater than 1.50E-04 For objective values below 1e-1 we use absolute differences.

Input File Number Filename
Tracefile 1: MINLPconvex.BONMIN.bonmin-ecp.pav
Tracefile 2: MINLPconvex.BONMIN.bonmin-oa.pav
Solvers used : BONMIN_bonmin-ecp
Modeltype(s)   MINLP
Threshold: Solver Faster 10%
Threshold: Solver Much Faster 50%
Threshold: Solver Infinitely Faster Other solver failed

Total Obj BONMIN_bonmin-ecp better Obj same Obj BONMIN_bonmin-oa better
Solver BONMIN_bonmin-ecp infinitely faster : 29 29 - -
Solver BONMIN_bonmin-ecp much faster : 15 1 14 -
Solver BONMIN_bonmin-ecp faster : 2 - 2 -
Solvers perform the same :- - - -
Solver BONMIN_bonmin-oa faster :- - - -
Solver BONMIN_bonmin-oa much faster :- - - -
Solver BONMIN_bonmin-oa infinitely faster :- - - -
Both solvers failed to solve optimally : 1 - 1 -
Total models: : 4730170

Solver return definition:

Outcome Model Status Solver Status
globally optimal 1 or 15 1
locally optimal/feasible 2 or 8 or 16 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 8

Resource Times:

Solver BONMIN_bonmin-ecp infinitely faster - Obj of BONMIN_bonmin-ecp better:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp) Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp / BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa)
BatchS121208M38.2670fail -- 1.24113000E+06 1.00000000E+20
BatchS151208M97.3900fail -- 1.54347000E+06 1.00000000E+20
clay0304m8.9910fail -- 4.02624000E+04 6.89913000E+04
FLay05H318.1820fail -- 6.44981000E+01 1.00000000E+20
FLay05M65.6850fail -- 6.44981000E+01 1.00000000E+20
FLay06M3618.6800fail -- 6.69328000E+01 1.00000000E+20
fo7198.0970fail -- 2.07298000E+01 1.00000000E+20
fo8640.2760fail -- 2.23819000E+01 1.00000000E+20
o7_21445.8500fail -- 1.16946000E+02 1.00000000E+20
RSyn0805M02M33.0650fail -- 2.23840000E+03 2.18180000E+03
RSyn0805M03M122.8370fail -- 3.06893000E+03 -1.00000000E+20
RSyn0805M04M137.0390fail -- 7.17422000E+03 7.06131000E+03
RSyn0810M02M37.8070fail -- 1.74139000E+03 1.71139000E+03
RSyn0810M03M145.8620fail -- 2.72245000E+03 -1.00000000E+20
RSyn0820M3.0760fail -- 1.15030000E+03 1.14603000E+03
RSyn0830M04H16.5910fail -- 2.52907000E+03 2.52851000E+03
RSyn0840M2.1410fail -- 3.25555000E+02 8.48187000E+01
SLay07H34.2010fail -- 6.47488000E+04 1.00000000E+20
SLay08H156.7540fail -- 8.49602000E+04 1.00000000E+20
SLay09H249.6040fail -- 1.07806000E+05 1.00000000E+20
SLay09M61.7340fail -- 1.07806000E+05 1.00000000E+20
SLay10M290.0790fail -- 1.29582000E+05 1.00000000E+20
Syn20M04M9.7760fail -- 3.53274000E+03 3.51801000E+03
Syn30M02M3.7850fail -- 3.99683000E+02 3.92683000E+02
Syn40M03H6.5770fail -- 3.95149000E+02 3.95066000E+02
sssd-12-5-337.9120fail -- 2.61143000E+05 1.00000000E+20
sssd-15-6-3722.8900fail -- 4.40711000E+05 1.00000000E+20
uflquad-30-1003608.0900fail -- 4.02511000E+02 1.00000000E+20
uflquad-40-803660.0900fail -- 4.71459000E+02 1.00000000E+20

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Solver BONMIN_bonmin-ecp much faster - Obj of BONMIN_bonmin-ecp better:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp) Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp / BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa)
BatchS201210M325.75103624.76000.090 2.29535000E+06 2.30130000E+06

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Solver BONMIN_bonmin-ecp much faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp) Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp / BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa)
BatchS101006M21.3340738.15400.029 7.69440000E+05 7.69440000E+05
clay0304h35.131084.53100.416 4.02624000E+04 4.02624000E+04
clay0305h75.8600222.30600.341 8.09250000E+03 8.09250000E+03
clay0305m8.867087.26700.102 8.09250000E+03 8.09250000E+03
FLay04H6.025061.00600.099 5.44059000E+01 5.44059000E+01
fo7_2120.93202825.86000.043 1.77493000E+01 1.77493000E+01
m67.004023.19600.302 8.22569000E+01 8.22569000E+01
m730.9180390.70200.079 1.06757000E+02 1.06757000E+02
RSyn0830M3.3660286.24800.012 5.10072000E+02 5.10072000E+02
SLay06H13.8250762.85200.018 3.27570000E+04 3.27570000E+04
Syn15M04M3.97408.95300.444 4.93748000E+03 4.93748000E+03
Syn20M03M2.939010.90000.270 2.64695000E+03 2.64695000E+03
Syn40M0.57501.54600.372 6.77133000E+01 6.77133000E+01
sssd-10-4-310.4260393.77200.026 1.52710000E+05 1.52710000E+05

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Solver BONMIN_bonmin-ecp faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp) Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp / BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa)
clay0303h4.50205.25300.857 2.66691000E+04 2.66691000E+04
RSyn0805H0.21400.26600.805 1.29612000E+03 1.29612000E+03

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Both solvers failed to solve optimally - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp) Time (BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Ratio (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp / BONMIN_bonmin-oa) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-ecp) Obj (BONMIN_bonmin-oa)
uflquad-20-150fail fail -- 1.00000000E+20 1.00000000E+20

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