Resource Times:

Results created on 03/08/11 11:29:02 using the PAVER Server/Performance tools available at

See the solver return definitions for optimal/feasible model and solve statuses. Solutions are not checked for how close they are to eachother.

Resource times are considered the same, if they are within 10% of eachother. A solver is considered faster than another, if it is less than 50% faster than the other. A solver is considered much faster than another, if it is more than 50% faster than the other.

If a model was not solved optimal/feasible by both solvers, the resource time is considered the same. If a model was solved optimal/feasible by solver A but not by solver B, then solver A is considered infinitely faster than solver B. Similarly, if one solver has trace data and the other has no data, then the first solver is consideredinfinitely faster.

A solver is considered to have a better objective function value, if the relative objective value difference is greater than 1.00E-05 For objective values below 1e-1 we use absolute differences.

Input File Number Filename
Tracefile 1: GUROBI-0.trc
Tracefile 2: CLP-0.trc
Solvers used : GUROBI
Modeltype(s)   LP
Threshold: Solver Faster 10%
Threshold: Solver Much Faster 50%
Threshold: Solver Infinitely Faster Other solver failed

Total Obj GUROBI better Obj same Obj CLP better
Solver GUROBI infinitely faster : 1 1 - -
Solver GUROBI much faster : 20 - 20 -
Solver GUROBI faster : 51 - 51 -
Solvers perform the same : 12 - 12 -
Solver CLP faster : 19 - 19 -
Solver CLP much faster : 6 - 6 -
Solver CLP infinitely faster :- - - -
Both solvers failed to solve optimally : 7 - 7 -
Total models: : 11611150

Solver return definition:

Outcome Model Status Solver Status
globally optimal 1 or 15 1
locally optimal/feasible 2 or 7 or 16 or 17 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5

Resource Times:

Solver GUROBI infinitely faster - Obj of GUROBI better:

Modelname Time (GUROBI) Time (CLP) Ratio (GUROBI / CLP) Obj (GUROBI) Obj (CLP)
rlfprim0.6400infeasible -- 1.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00

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Solver GUROBI much faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (GUROBI) Time (CLP) Ratio (GUROBI / CLP) Obj (GUROBI) Obj (CLP)
gen10.14000.33000.424 0.00000000E+00 1.23113493E-06
gen40.88007.35300.120 0.00000000E+00 2.85998924E-06
jendrec11.04002.29800.453 7.02846051E+03 7.02846051E+03
mod22.27004.70600.482 2.77373714E+07 2.77373714E+07
model105.720014.91600.383 -1.54599621E+05 -1.54599621E+05
model110.22001.08700.202 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
model50.86001.88300.457 -8.58440729E+05 -8.58440729E+05
model70.97001.96500.494 4.93800855E+04 4.93800855E+04
model90.44000.91500.481 -1.41123094E+05 -1.41123094E+05
slptsk0.53001.20100.441 2.98953660E+01 2.98953660E+01
testbig0.07000.38000.184 -6.04229607E+01 -6.04229607E+01
ulevimin8.420024.50300.344 -5.19110186E+09 -5.19110186E+09
ken-183.48007.14400.487 -5.22170253E+10 -5.22170253E+10
rlfdual2.030022.09900.092 -1.00000000E+00 -1.00000000E+00
watson_120.590077.21700.267 -1.60927899E+03 -1.60928069E+03
dbic151.6900193.54500.267 -9.76897300E+06 -9.76897300E+06
nw141.05002.18300.481 6.18440000E+04 6.18440000E+04
pds-10041.000098.78600.415 1.09282300E+10 1.09282300E+10
pds-8033.720073.63200.458 1.14690775E+10 1.14690775E+10
pds-9041.520090.12700.461 1.10875616E+10 1.10875616E+10

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Solver GUROBI faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (GUROBI) Time (CLP) Ratio (GUROBI / CLP) Obj (GUROBI) Obj (CLP)
aa011.02001.14700.889 5.55354364E+04 5.55354364E+04
aa030.51000.66900.762 4.96163636E+04 4.96163636E+04
air060.52000.66800.778 4.96163636E+04 4.96163636E+04
car40.42000.75000.560 3.54603702E+01 3.54603702E+01
co51.13001.68700.670 7.14469554E+05 7.14469554E+05
co94.71007.75500.607 9.46920430E+05 9.46920430E+05
cq50.70001.22100.573 4.00133807E+05 4.00133807E+05
cq93.05005.06500.602 5.05541710E+05 5.05541710E+05
crew10.10000.13200.758 2.05555556E+01 2.05555556E+01
fit2p2.36002.76400.854 6.84642933E+04 6.84642933E+04
ken-110.15000.29600.507 -6.97238226E+09 -6.97238226E+09
ken-130.57000.82000.695 -1.02573948E+10 -1.02573948E+10
l307.46009.96600.749 9.52660209E-01 9.52661414E-01
maros-r71.33001.57200.846 1.49718517E+06 1.49718517E+06
nemspmm11.34002.30000.583 -3.27415836E+05 -3.27415836E+05
nemspmm21.57002.07400.757 -2.91794836E+05 -2.91794836E+05
nemswrld21.280036.81600.578 2.60308966E+02 2.60308966E+02
nsir10.08000.09600.833 -2.89090330E+07 -2.89090330E+07
nsir20.17000.27800.612 -2.71755935E+07 -2.71755935E+07
nug15673.90001273.17200.529 1.04099404E+03 1.04099404E+03
osa-070.11000.12500.880 5.35722517E+05 5.35722517E+05
p0100.39000.62500.624 1.11504792E+06 1.11504792E+06
p050.16000.19500.821 5.56000277E+05 5.56000277E+05
pcb30000.37000.52800.701 1.37416420E+05 1.37416420E+05
qap15928.05001671.16100.555 1.04099404E+03 1.04099404E+03
r050.18000.20700.870 5.57831859E+05 5.57831859E+05
rat50.66000.77800.848 3.08370701E+06 3.08370701E+06
scsd8-2b-640.20000.24300.823 1.59986680E+01 1.59986680E+01
scsd8-2c-640.20000.23900.837 1.49992320E+01 1.49992320E+01
scsd8-2r-2160.12000.17800.674 2.33999920E+01 2.33999839E+01
sctap1-2b-640.19000.28900.657 4.84560000E+02 4.84560000E+02
stocfor30.56000.71500.783 -3.99767839E+04 -3.99767839E+04
world2.16004.06400.531 4.03648731E+07 4.03648731E+07
bas1lp0.72000.88500.814 3.63000000E+02 3.63000000E+02
cre-b1.45002.27800.637 2.31296399E+07 2.31296399E+07
cre-d0.76001.47300.516 2.44549698E+07 2.44549698E+07
fome215.99007.46500.802 4.73463189E+10 4.73463189E+10
kl020.26000.34500.754 2.15250000E+02 2.15250000E+02
nemsemm20.32000.47100.679 5.81079571E+05 5.81079571E+05
nsct21.00001.13400.882 -3.71750820E+07 -3.71750820E+07
osa-140.38000.45500.835 1.10646284E+06 1.10646284E+06
pds-304.91006.91600.710 2.13854457E+10 2.13854457E+10
pds-4011.000014.82100.742 1.88551988E+10 1.88551988E+10
pds-5019.570023.38400.837 1.66035257E+10 1.66035257E+10
pds-6024.200037.58600.644 1.42659044E+10 1.42659044E+10
rail5074.40005.78600.760 1.72145567E+02 1.72145567E+02
rail5161.23001.59400.772 1.82000000E+02 1.82000000E+02
rail5823.25005.35800.607 2.09712233E+02 2.09712233E+02
scsd8-2r-4320.35000.61200.572 2.57999944E+01 2.57999695E+01
pds-7026.960052.75400.511 1.22411628E+10 1.22411628E+10
rail25861327.38001547.34600.858 9.35921821E+02 9.35921821E+02

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Solvers perform the same - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (GUROBI) Time (CLP) Ratio (GUROBI / CLP) Obj (GUROBI) Obj (CLP)
air020.03000.0340--- 7.64000000E+03 7.64000000E+03
ex3sta122.030021.83501.009 -6.30754033E+01 -6.30754033E+01
lp2217.220017.69300.973 4.58944594E+02 4.58944594E+02
pds-060.22000.23400.940 2.77610376E+10 2.77610376E+10
pds-100.53000.58500.906 2.67270950E+10 2.67270950E+10
rat10.24000.25400.945 1.99953166E+06 1.99953166E+06
scfxm1-2r-640.74000.78600.941 2.87756386E+03 2.87756386E+03
scrs8-2r-5120.04000.0700--- 1.07409934E+03 1.07409934E+03
scsd8-2r-1080.05000.05300.943 2.37000002E+01 2.36999943E+01
south3116.080016.93500.950 1.81894020E+09 1.81894020E+09
wood1p0.03000.0500--- 1.44290241E+00 1.44290241E+00
osa-603.30003.05801.079 4.04407250E+06 4.04407250E+06

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Solver CLP faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (GUROBI) Time (CLP) Ratio (GUROBI / CLP) Obj (GUROBI) Obj (CLP)
baxter0.83000.61301.354 5.60072557E+07 5.60072557E+07
cari0.11000.06201.774 5.81893058E+02 5.81893058E+02
fit2d0.14000.11701.197 -6.84642933E+04 -6.84642933E+04
fome110.31000.0480--- 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
lpl31.01000.51201.973 2.73180000E+04 2.73180000E+04
pilot879.57006.04401.583 3.01712050E+02 3.01710347E+02
rosen100.09000.07601.184 -1.74215456E+05 -1.74215456E+05
scfxm1-2b-643.47002.54701.362 2.87756386E+03 2.87756386E+03
scfxm1-2r-961.90001.53501.238 2.89170611E+03 2.89170611E+03
fome202.97002.63001.129 2.38216586E+10 2.38216586E+10
nsct10.75000.47701.572 -3.89224360E+07 -3.89224360E+07
osa-300.98000.85701.144 2.14213987E+06 2.14213987E+06
pds-202.99002.63801.133 2.38216586E+10 2.38216586E+10
rat7a7.74004.25701.818 2.07437142E+06 2.07437142E+06
route0.30000.15901.887 5.94165028E+03 5.94165028E+03
t0331-4l10.82008.78201.232 2.97300334E+04 2.97300334E+04
dbir22.45002.13601.147 -6.11691650E+06 -6.11691650E+06
nemsemm11.56001.03801.503 5.12959601E+05 5.12959601E+05
self4.52003.76901.199 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00

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Solver CLP much faster - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (GUROBI) Time (CLP) Ratio (GUROBI / CLP) Obj (GUROBI) Obj (CLP)
fome1235.00000.1230284.553 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
gen214.46003.93403.676 3.29279078E+00 3.29279078E+00
fome139.90000.301032.890 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
rlfddd0.41000.16102.547 -1.30000000E+01 -1.30000000E+01
us040.34000.11602.931 1.77316667E+04 1.77316667E+04
dbir11.79000.76602.337 -8.10670700E+06 -8.10670700E+06

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Both solvers failed to solve optimally - Obj same for both solvers:

Modelname Time (GUROBI) Time (CLP) Ratio (GUROBI / CLP) Obj (GUROBI) Obj (CLP)
bgindyinfeasible infeasible -- 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
goshfail infeasible -- 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
lpl1infeasible fail -- 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
nug20fail fail -- 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
sgpf5y6fail infeasible -- 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
nug30fail fail -- 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00
rail4284fail fail -- 0.00000000E+00 0.00000000E+00

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