Couenne  0.2
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CouenneExprSin.hpp File Reference
#include <math.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include "CouenneExprUnary.hpp"
#include "CouenneExprConst.hpp"

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class  Couenne::exprSin
 class for $ \sin f(x)$ More...


 general include file for different compilers


enum  Couenne::cou_trig { Couenne::COU_SINE, Couenne::COU_COSINE }
 specify which trigonometric function is dealt with in trigEnvelope More...


CouNumber Couenne::modulo (register CouNumber a, register CouNumber b)
 normalize angle within [0,b] (typically, pi or 2pi) More...
CouNumber Couenne::trigSelBranch (const CouenneObject *obj, const OsiBranchingInformation *info, expression *&var, double *&brpts, double *&brDist, int &way, enum cou_trig type)
 generalized procedure for both sine and cosine More...
bool Couenne::trigImpliedBound (enum cou_trig, int, int, CouNumber *, CouNumber *, t_chg_bounds *)
 generalized implied bound procedure for sine/cosine More...