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Coin::SmartPtr< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Coin::SmartPtr< T >, including all inherited members.

GetRawPtr() const Coin::SmartPtr< T >inline
IsNull() const Coin::SmartPtr< T >inline
IsValid() const Coin::SmartPtr< T >inline
operator!=(const SmartPtr< U1 > &lhs, const SmartPtr< U2 > &rhs)Coin::SmartPtr< T >friend
operator!=(const SmartPtr< U1 > &lhs, U2 *raw_rhs)Coin::SmartPtr< T >friend
operator!=(U1 *lhs, const SmartPtr< U2 > &raw_rhs)Coin::SmartPtr< T >friend
operator*() const Coin::SmartPtr< T >inline
operator->() const Coin::SmartPtr< T >inline
operator=(T *rhs)Coin::SmartPtr< T >inline
operator=(const SmartPtr< T > &rhs)Coin::SmartPtr< T >inline
operator==(const SmartPtr< U1 > &lhs, const SmartPtr< U2 > &rhs)Coin::SmartPtr< T >friend
operator==(const SmartPtr< U1 > &lhs, U2 *raw_rhs)Coin::SmartPtr< T >friend
operator==(U1 *lhs, const SmartPtr< U2 > &raw_rhs)Coin::SmartPtr< T >friend
ptr_Coin::SmartPtr< T >private
ReleasePointer_()Coin::SmartPtr< T >inlineprivate
SetFromRawPtr_(T *rhs)Coin::SmartPtr< T >inlineprivate
SetFromSmartPtr_(const SmartPtr< T > &rhs)Coin::SmartPtr< T >inlineprivate
SmartPtr()Coin::SmartPtr< T >inline
SmartPtr(const SmartPtr< T > &copy)Coin::SmartPtr< T >inline
SmartPtr(T *ptr)Coin::SmartPtr< T >inline
~SmartPtr()Coin::SmartPtr< T >inline