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CoinDenseVector< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for CoinDenseVector< T >, including all inherited members.

append(const CoinDenseVector &)CoinDenseVector< T >
clear()CoinDenseVector< T >
CoinDenseVector()CoinDenseVector< T >
CoinDenseVector(int size, const T *elems)CoinDenseVector< T >
CoinDenseVector(int size, T element=T())CoinDenseVector< T >
CoinDenseVector(const CoinDenseVector &)CoinDenseVector< T >
elements_CoinDenseVector< T >private
getElements() const CoinDenseVector< T >inline
getElements()CoinDenseVector< T >inline
getNumElements() const CoinDenseVector< T >inline
gutsOfSetConstant(int size, T value)CoinDenseVector< T >private
gutsOfSetVector(int size, const T *elems)CoinDenseVector< T >private
infNorm() const CoinDenseVector< T >inline
nElements_CoinDenseVector< T >private
oneNorm() const CoinDenseVector< T >inline
operator*=(T value)CoinDenseVector< T >
operator+=(T value)CoinDenseVector< T >
operator-=(T value)CoinDenseVector< T >
operator/=(T value)CoinDenseVector< T >
operator=(const CoinDenseVector &)CoinDenseVector< T >
operator[](int index) const CoinDenseVector< T >
resize(int newSize, T fill=T())CoinDenseVector< T >
scale(T factor)CoinDenseVector< T >inline
setConstant(int size, T elems)CoinDenseVector< T >
setElement(int index, T element)CoinDenseVector< T >
setVector(int size, const T *elems)CoinDenseVector< T >
size() const CoinDenseVector< T >inline
sum() const CoinDenseVector< T >inline
twoNorm() const CoinDenseVector< T >inline
~CoinDenseVector()CoinDenseVector< T >