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OsiBranchingObject.hpp File Reference
#include <cassert>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "CoinError.hpp"
#include "CoinTypes.hpp"
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class  OsiObject
 Abstract base class for `objects'. More...
class  OsiObject2
 Define a class to add a bit of complexity to OsiObject This assumes 2 way branching. More...
class  OsiBranchingObject
 Abstract branching object base class. More...
class  OsiBranchingInformation
class  OsiTwoWayBranchingObject
 This just adds two-wayness to a branching object. More...
class  OsiSimpleInteger
 Define a single integer class. More...
class  OsiIntegerBranchingObject
 Simple branching object for an integer variable. More...
class  OsiSOS
 Define Special Ordered Sets of type 1 and 2. More...
class  OsiSOSBranchingObject
 Branching object for Special ordered sets. More...
class  OsiLotsize
 Lotsize class. More...
class  OsiLotsizeBranchingObject
 Lotsize branching object. More...