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CglLandPUtils.hpp File Reference
#include "CglLandPTabRow.hpp"
#include <vector>
#include <cmath>
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struct  LAP::Cuts
 To store extra cuts generated by columns from which they origin. More...


 Performs one round of Lift & Project using CglLandPSimplex to build cuts.


double LAP::normCoef (TabRow &row, int ncols, const int *nonBasics)
 Compute $ {{j=1}^n | a_{ij} |}{1 - a_{i0}} $ for row passed as argument. More...
void LAP::scale (OsiRowCut &cut)
 scale the cut passed as argument More...
void LAP::scale (OsiRowCut &cut, double norma)
 scale the cut passed as argument using provided normalization factor More...
void LAP::modularizeRow (TabRow &row, const bool *integerVar)
 Modularize row. More...
double LAP::intersectionCutCoef (double alpha_i, double beta)
 return the coefficients of the intersection cut More...
double LAP::modularizedCoef (double alpha, double beta)
 compute the modularized row coefficient for an integer variable More...
bool LAP::int_val (double value, double tol)
 Says is value is integer. More...