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CglLandPMessages.hpp File Reference
#include "CoinMessage.hpp"
#include "CoinMessageHandler.hpp"
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class  LAP::LandPMessages
 Message handler for lift-and-project simplex. More...


 Performs one round of Lift & Project using CglLandPSimplex to build cuts.


enum  LAP::LAP_messages {
  LAP::Separating, LAP::FoundImprovingRow, LAP::FoundBestImprovingCol, LAP::WarnFailedBestImprovingCol,
  LAP::LogHead, LAP::PivotLog, LAP::FinishedOptimal, LAP::HitLimit,
  LAP::NumberNegRc, LAP::NumberZeroRc, LAP::NumberPosRc, LAP::WeightsStats,
  LAP::WarnBadSigmaComputation, LAP::WarnBadRowComputation, LAP::WarnGiveUpRow, LAP::PivotFailedSigmaUnchanged,
  LAP::PivotFailedSigmaIncreased, LAP::FailedSigmaIncreased, LAP::WarnBadRhsComputation, LAP::WarnFailedPivotTol,
  LAP::WarnFailedPivotIIf, LAP::RoundStats, LAP::CutStat, LAP::DUMMY_END
 Types of messages for lift-and-project simplex. More...