Cbc  2.9.9
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CbcHeuristic.hpp File Reference
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "CoinPackedMatrix.hpp"
#include "OsiCuts.hpp"
#include "CoinHelperFunctions.hpp"
#include "OsiBranchingObject.hpp"
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class  CbcHeuristicNode
 A class describing the branching decisions that were made to get to the node where a heuristic was invoked from. More...
class  CbcHeuristicNodeList
class  CbcHeuristic
 Heuristic base class. More...
class  CbcRounding
 Rounding class. More...
class  CbcHeuristicPartial
 Partial solution class If user knows a partial solution this tries to get an integer solution it uses hotstart information. More...
class  CbcSerendipity
 heuristic - just picks up any good solution found by solver - see OsiBabSolver More...
class  CbcHeuristicJustOne
 Just One class - this chooses one at random. More...