CppAD: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package  20171217
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template<class Base >
void CppAD::local::forward_erf_op_0 ( size_t  i_z,
const addr_t *  arg,
const Base *  parameter,
size_t  cap_order,
Base *  taylor 

Zero order Forward mode Taylor coefficient for result of op = ErfOp.

The C++ source code corresponding to this operation is

     z = erf(x)
Template Parameters
Basebase type for the operator; i.e., this operation was recorded using AD< Base > and computations by this routine are done using type Base.
i_zvariable index corresponding to the last (primary) result for this operation; i.e. the row index in taylor corresponding to z. The auxillary results are called y_j have index i_z - j.
argarg[0]: is the variable index corresponding to x.
arg[1]: is the parameter index corresponding to the value zero.
  • [2]: is the parameter index correspodning to the value 2 / sqrt(pi).
parameterparameter[ arg[1] ] is the value zero, and parameter[ arg[2] ] is the value 2 / sqrt(pi).
cap_ordermaximum number of orders that will fit in the taylor array.
taylorInput: taylor [ arg[0] * cap_order + 0 ] is the zero order Taylor coefficient corresponding to x.
Input: taylor [ i_z * cap_order + 0 ] is the zero order Taylor coefficient corresponding to z.
Output: taylor [ (i_z-j) * cap_order + 0 ], for j = 0 , ... , 4, is the zero order Taylor coefficient for j-th result corresponding to z.
Checked Assertions
  • NumArg(op) == 3
  • NumRes(op) == 5
  • q < cap_order
  • p <= q
  • std::numeric_limits<addr_t>::max() >= i_z + 2

Definition at line 212 of file erf_op.hpp.

Referenced by forward0sweep().