CppAD: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package  20171217
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template<class Vector_set >
void CppAD::local::sparse_load_op ( OpCode  op,
size_t  i_z,
const addr_t *  arg,
size_t  num_combined,
const size_t *  combined,
Vector_set &  var_sparsity,
Vector_set &  vecad_sparsity 

Shared documentation for sparsity operations corresponding to op = LdpOp or LdvOp (not called).

The C++ source code corresponding to this operation is

     v[x] = y

where v is a VecAD<Base> vector, x is an AD<Base> object, and y is AD<Base> or Base objects. We define the index corresponding to v[x] by

     i_v_x = index_by_ind[ arg[0] + i_vec ]

where i_vec is defined under the heading arg[1] below:

Template Parameters
Vector_setis the type used for vectors of sets. It can be either sparse_pack or sparse_list.
opis the code corresponding to this operator; i.e., LdpOp or LdvOp.
i_zis the AD variable index corresponding to the variable z; i.e., the set with index i_z in var_sparsity is the sparsity pattern correpsonding to z.
arg[0] is the offset corresponding to this VecAD vector in the VecAD combined array.
num_combinedis the total number of elements in the VecAD combinded array.
combinedis the VecAD combined array.

combined[ arg[0] - 1 ] is the index of the set corresponding to the vector v in vecad_sparsity. We use the notation i_v for this value; i.e.,
     i_v = combined[ \a arg[0] - 1 ]
var_sparsityThe set with index i_z in var_sparsity is the sparsity pattern for z. This is an output for forward mode operations, and an input for reverse mode operations.
vecad_sparsityThe set with index i_v is the sparsity pattern for the vector v. This is an input for forward mode operations. For reverse mode operations, the sparsity pattern for z is added to the sparsity pattern for v.
Checked Assertions
  • NumArg(op) == 3
  • NumRes(op) == 1
  • 0 < arg[0]
  • arg[0] < num_combined
  • i_v < vecad_sparsity.n_set()

Definition at line 227 of file load_op.hpp.