CppAD: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package  20171217
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template<class Base>
virtual bool CppAD::atomic_base< Base >::reverse ( size_t  q,
const vector< Base > &  tx,
const vector< Base > &  ty,
vector< Base > &  px,
const vector< Base > &  py 

Link from reverse mode sweep to users routine.

q[in] highest order for this reverse mode calculation.
tx[in] Taylor coefficients corresponding to x for this calculation.
ty[in] Taylor coefficient corresponding to y for this calculation
px[out] Partials w.r.t. the x Taylor coefficients.
py[in] Partials w.r.t. the y Taylor coefficients.

See atomic_reverse mode use documentation

Reimplemented in CppAD::old_atomic< Base >, CppAD::checkpoint< Base >, and anonymous_namespace{mat_mul.hpp}::atomic_mat_mul.

Definition at line 1051 of file atomic_base.hpp.