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AD<Base> Requirements for a CppAD Base Type

# include <cppad/base_require.hpp>

This section lists the requirements for the type Base so that the type AD<Base> can be used.

API Warning
Defining a CppAD Base type is an advanced use of CppAD. This part of the CppAD API changes with time. The most common change is adding more requirements. Search for base_require in the current whats_new section for these changes.

Standard Base Types
In the case where Base is float, double, std::complex<float>, std::complex<double>, or AD<Other> , these requirements are provided by including the file cppad/cppad.hpp.

Include Order
If you are linking a non-standard base type to CppAD, you must first include the file cppad/base_require.hpp, then provide the specifications below, and then include the file cppad/cppad.hpp.

Numeric Type
The type Base must support all the operations for a NumericType .

Output Operator
The type Base must support the syntax
os << x
where os is an std::ostream& and x is a const base_alloc&. For example, see base_alloc .

The type Base must support the syntax
i = CppAD::Integer(x)
which converts x to an int. The argument x has prototype
and the return value i has prototype

In many cases, the Base version of the Integer function can be defined by
namespace CppAD {
     inline int Integer(const 
Base& x)
     {    return static_cast<int>(x); }
For example, see base_float and base_alloc .

Absolute Zero, azmul
The type Base must support the syntax
z = azmul(xy)
see; azmul . The following preprocessor macro invocation suffices (for most Base types):
namespace CppAD {
where the macro is defined by
# define CPPAD_AZMUL(Base) \
    inline Base azmul(const Base& x, const Base& y) \
    {   Base zero(0.0);   \
        if( x == zero ) \
            return zero;  \
        return x * y;     \

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Input File: cppad/base_require.hpp