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CppAD Addons

Each CppAD addon has a short name which we denote by name below, a longer name longer and a description :
name    longer    description
tmb adcomp An R Interface to CppAD with Random Effects Modeling Utilities
cg CppADCodeGen C++ Source Code Generation of CppAD Derivative Calculations
mixed cppad_mixed A C++ Interface to Random Effects Laplace Approximation
swig cppad_swig A C++ AD Library with a Swig Interface to Perl, Octave, and Python
py pycppad A Python Interface to CppAD

Include Files
If includedir is the directory where the include files are installed, the file
and the directory
are reserved for use by the name addon.

Library Files
If libdir is the directory where CppAD library files are installed, files with the name
where anything and ext are arbitrary, are reserved for use by the name addon.

Preprocessor Symbols
C++ preprocessor symbols that begin with
where NAME is a upper-case version of name , are reserved for use by the name addon.

The C++ namespace
is reserved for use by the name addon.
Input File: omh/appendix/addon.omh