Bonmin  1.7
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00002 // Main bonmin page
00017  In addition you will find here:
00018 <ul>
00019 <li> <A HREF='../Bonmin_UserManual/'> A link </A> to the html version of
00020 bonmin Users manual,
00021  <li> \subpage Code_structure "Code Structure" briefly presents the code and how it is interfaced to
00022  <A HREF=''> Cbc </A> and 
00023  <A HREF=''> Ipopt </A> 
00024  <li> \subpage Example "Example" presents the C++ example provided and explains
00025  how to interface bonmin directly with a C++ code,
00026  <li> \subpage Extra "Debugging" presents some functionality of bonmin which
00027  may be usefull for debugging.
00028  <li> \subpage Authors, a list of the person who have contributed to this code
00029  <li> <A HREF='
00030 </ul>
00031 </p>
00032  */
00053 // Code structure
00058 //Debuging stuff
00062 //Example
00071 //Directory layout.