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Check NumericType Class Concept

# include <cppad/check_numeric_type.hpp>


The syntax
preforms compile and run time checks that the type specified by NumericType satisfies all the requirements for a NumericType class. If a requirement is not satisfied, a an error message makes it clear what condition is not satisfied.

The file cppad/check_numeric_type.hpp is included by cppad/cppad.hpp but it can also be included separately with out the rest if the CppAD include files.

Parallel Mode
The routine thread_alloc::parallel_setup must be called before it can be used in parallel mode.

The file check_numeric_type.cpp contains an example and test of this function. It returns true, if it succeeds an false otherwise. The comments in this example suggest a way to change the example so an error message occurs.
Input File: cppad/check_numeric_type.hpp